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Laverne Krause Exterior
Paint by #s

Paint By Numbers
One of the biggest challenges about dealing with a difficult history is getting people to approach it and pay attention. At the same time I want to address how these histories and landscapes are slowly disappearing. It is my desire to bring the memories, stories, and understanding of the internment back into public consciousness without being a documentarian. The paint by numbers have a history of being innocuous, an object of leisure and play that eventually went from a past-time for adults to a play-thing for children. I recreated four images from the national archives as paint by numbers to address these challenges and desires. People are willing to approach something they see as leisure or entertainment, they are less likely to approach a history text. The form of a paint by numbers set brings the viewer to the piece and provides a conduit for them to confront a history that they may have forgotten or never known about. While the act of painting, especially within the context of the space I had constructed, is literally restoring this place that no longer exists. The viewer is confronted with the panoramas are of the camps as they stand today, empty and desolate. While the paintings provide a view of a city, a neighborhood, a community, and security that once existed in these now empty landscapes.