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No Choice

No Choice
This first piece encountered was never an original part of this installation. It was meant to be a separate piece, an honorarium to my family, to those that went through this history. This was an acknowledgment that I now knew what had happened and that I would keep the memory alive. The elements included a poem that acted as my statement of affirmation and a tactile/interactive piece to provide a human connection to the history. A curved tray was mounted to the wall and filled with rice. Generally, rice and other grains are seen a symbol for life, and for my own sense of memorial, I took advantage of that metaphor by measuring enough grains of rice to approximate the same number of people that were interred (~120,000). This object is meant to be interactive, to engage the viewer in the act of discovery and uncovering much like the research and process for this work had been for me. So, buried within the rice were images I had discovered of my grandfather and his family taken from within one of the camps as well as his identification giving him permission to travel outside of Heart Mountain Relocation Center. The viewer had to dig through the grains in order to find the additional content and background.