It has been over 3 years since I finished the CA$H project which was exhibited at the U of O Laverne Krause Gallery. I began the project with the simple goal of looking closer at the concepts of value and currency in a day where so much worth is pent up in intangible assets. I wanted to address the ideas of what do we value and who do we trust to keep the value "worth" something in someone elses eyes. In the end it became about what I valued and what was worth something to me on a personal leve,l instead of a commercial or purely conceptual interest.
     CA$H became a transistion piece, the final bills "Self Worth" became about generations and family, and the value that should be placed upon it. Out of all of the bills "Self Worth" was letterpress printed in an edition of 1000 on Tyvek paper with 4 spot colors and magnesium plates. So much time was spent with this piece and generating the plates that eventually it led me to the research and eventually my Masters Project "A Sense of History" about my place and the history of the WWII Japanese-american Internment.
     I still enjoy this set of pieces and I know that someday I will revisit it again in one form or another. We can't avoid the necessity for currency in its various forms be it little pieces of paper or shiny pieces of metal; I wouldn't want to, the problems that arise because of money are too rich to examine and I will be continuously looking until I decide to create in this form again.

Dale Gronso 2003

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